Best Top 6 DNS Servers For Gaming

By | September 27, 2019

Best Top 6 DNS Servers For Gaming

What is a DNS Server?

DNS Stand for Domain Name System. This is basically a phone book on the Internet because humans cannot remember and access IP addresses, so they have to remember the domain name like

How Does it Work?

Few Errors That Relate to DNS 

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  • How to Fix Err Connection Timed Out Error
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  • DNS server is not responding to Windows.



OpenDNS is the Best Platform which is providing you  DNS Address For Perfect gaming experience.

You can use the DNS addresses of OpenDNS, listed below:


If the above DNS addresses do not work or if you are experiencing any problems using these DNS addresses then use the given DNS addresses which are also from Open DNS.

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternative DNS server:


Google Public DNS is at the top of our list because it offers the best performance such as faster, shorter response time, faster uploading to the server and more.

The Google IPv4 public DNS addresses are as follows:


Google IPv6 public DNS addresses are as follows:

  • 2001: 4860: 4860: 8888
  • 2001: 4860: 4860: 8844

You can use this DNS address as a primary and secondary address on your server. But don’t use 1 address for both fields. You can configure DNS server IPv4 or IPv6, or both.

3:Norton ConnectSafe

Norton is an Anti-Virus Program? Not only that, but it also protects your internet connection, which protects you from online attacks.

Norton’s Internet Security is providing you with the ability to protect you on various malicious sites and may also prevent you from accessing paid + pornographic sites.


Level 3 is the next free DNS service in the list. It works through Level 3 communication. To use this free service, simply configure your network settings with the following DNS IP addresses:



It’s one of the DNS servers that give you the best performance when browsing the Internet. This will help you load the site faster and safer. To use the DNS benefit, configure the preferred / alternate DNS servers with the following details:


Sometimes you are unable to access the website or have problems connecting to the site’s server then try to use your default DNS addresses for them. Many sites do not offer you access to these DNS addresses because they are probably blacklisted there. If you need any help or would like another DNS recommendation or a great DNS address, feel free to contact us or leave your opinion below. We will be happy to contact you and would love to hear from you.

6:Comando Secure DNS

Komodo is a company that provides you with the best DNS addresses to secure your activities. Komodo has shared it worldwide. If you want to use Komodo Secure DNS, there is no need to install any hardware or software. Change your primary and secondary DNS servers to


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