Cheap Website Hosting in 2019/20 – Start Your own Website in Just $1

By | September 27, 2019

Cheap Website Hosting in 2019/20 – Start Your own Website in Just $1

In this article, we will talk about hosting a website. If you don’t know anything about website hosting and domain names, I would highly recommend you read my previous article on domain + hosting. This will clear all your doubts and questions about hosting and domain name.

If you know what hosting is then you can skip this part of my article. But if you are new to website creation, you need to read all the words of the article in order to understand what you created and what the hosting and domain name are and how they work. Will need.

Website hosting is required when you are ready to publish your website online. Website Hosting is a server on the cloud that gives you space, bandwidth and many other features to make your website easier to run. A website server is a place where you can keep your files. You will also need a domain name if you want to get visitors and view your files. A domain name is an address that can be used by the file and they can be accessed by your website.

Best web Hosting Sites

This is List of Some web Hosting You Can Use Them in Cheap rates.


In our list, is the list of unlimited. The company hosting the website is being handled by a Pakistani team and the company’s hosting plans are very cheap. If you want to get your website started with premium features at a very cheap and low cost, then you should go with the company hosting the website.


  • After your first year of the trial you will have to pay about .3 500 Rs500 / year.
  • Hosting this website is much slower than others.
  • As a website, this website has very cheap hosting plans.


  • Hosting plans are low cost and started from Rs 500 / year
  • SEO / backlinks and other useful tools are included in this hosting plan
  • Hosting storage is unlimited with all plans so you can add very large files to their server Easily
  • All projects come with unlimited bandwidth You can add up to 10 domains to your started hosting plans
  • Very good support 24/7/30
  • Website uptime will be 99.8%

Payment Methods For this website


The company hosting this website currently has superior payment methods so that only Pakistani users can purchase hosting plans from this company. If you are not Pakistani but want to get hosting from this web site then you can select bank transfer option.

Zen Hosting is also a very good web site hosting company in Pakistan. This website ranks second on our list. This website also gives you a very cheap website hosting package and starts at less than 500 a year. This website contains 3 different packages to get you started. Here’s a summary of this website:


  • Website hosting will be started from at least 500 / year
  • The Uptime of website will be 99.7%
  • Bandwidth 10GB
  • Storage is 5GB


  • Maximum storage for all hosting plans will be limited to 15 GB
  • Maximum bandwidth is 30 GB / month so you cannot handle large traffic
  • This server is expected to have some

Payment Methods For This Website


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