How to Make Free website | Free Domain With Free Hosting

By | September 27, 2019

How to Make Free website | Free Domain With Free Hosting

Hello Friends, Today I Teach You How to Create Free Website,  Free Domain + Free Hosting Full Free of Cost.

Make Free website With .tk Domain and free Hosting


Here Some Requirements to get Free Domain and Hosting to Create Free Website.




  • If you are a beginner and want to check out pro bono services, this tutorial is perfect for you.
  • Hosting and domain are available to you for free. Means 0 is 0$.
  • Pro services, rich websites, top-level domain, etc.

Get Free  Domain

1:After getting free hosting, our next step is to get a free domain, mostly from or

2:Now click on Availability Button Select Your Favorite Domain Name Like .tk,.cf, etc Then Click on Get it Button.

3:Then, click on the checkout button and then select the duration for your free domain. )

4:Now, go to My Domains Area and click on Manage Domain.

5:Then go to Management Tools and then Name Servers from the options.

6:Keep the names of (Nameservers are, and press Enter.

Setup Domain and Hosting

Now go to the 000Whost panel and go to the tab called Set Web Address and at the bottom of this page, click on Add domain.

Then select the parked domain or point domain name. In this case, I select the parked domain and click on the Next button. Then, enter your registered .tk domain name on the previous step and click on the parked domain. Wait a few moments now and your site is working just like everyone else’s. Now you can install WordPress on your website to create a beautiful and customized website. You can install WordPress from the Blood Website tab of your hosting area.

If you need further help with the website, feel free to contact us or comment below your concern.

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