How did I completely change my career using LinkedIn?

By | September 28, 2019

How did I completely change my career using LinkedIn?

If you asked me again in 2015, if I was doing something interesting or a career change at LinkedIn, I’d laugh. Now, I get to comfortably (without haste) millions of people every month with easy written words.
If you think it’s beyond your reach and I have some hidden power, let me clarify a few things. I have no business degree, my best friend is Warren Buffett (he won’t return my calls), my teeth are not white, I’m tall as a giraffe and certainly not Leonardo DiCaprio.However, I recently met and thanked social media godfather Gary Weinrich for 60 seconds, followed by a broom and a fist bump. So since I started today, my abilities have been a bit disappointing and easy for you when you want to change your career.

In your career world, there is only one platform that matters: LinkedIn. For some reason, there’s no competition and you don’t have to be anywhere. This makes life easier because you do not have to be handcuffed for your career while staying on ten platforms and feeling nauseous. You can sit in one place, relax and go inside.
Finally, in the advice below, there will be no personal branding, selfies, high fives with Jeff Wiener, or a general admonition that you can read in an article where stock photos of people in suits can be taken, of course. General Chat Chat Lounge They look happy.

Mistakes I’ve made

  • Not enough posting.
  • Never engage with anyone.
  • Sharing inaccurate content.
  • Being overly selfish.
  • Taking care of followers
  • Don’t dare post good stuff.

The exact way to crush it on LinkedIn

To get to the point quickly and easily, I’m going to provide you with a gentle skill for every practical tip you’ve given me that has worked for me. Basically, if you act like A-hole, what I say doesn’t help. You need practical and gentle skills to win on LinkedIn. If LinkedIn had any currency, there would be stories, and the people who pay attention to them would be millionaires.
When I first started posting on LinkedIn, I made this mistake as a personal journal and made the mistake of being in the life of someone you don’t know or care about. ۔ The goal is surprisingly simple: tell stories, share your experiences, and get to the point.

This soft skill has moved into other areas of my life, which is helpful. Dial your ego when you show up on LinkedIn, don’t ask for followers, don’t create your hashtag, and don’t tell us you can do it all.
Be polite and show them something that can help others in their careers on LinkedIn each day. Becoming a helper, entertainer, or teacher builds value on LinkedIn.

What will my boss think?

It took me years to understand. This is a LinkedIn user psychology question. People are left with their content in mind with this question.
Focus your content on building others or succeeding in their careers. If people look bad on your post or mislead their company name, they won’t comment on it.

Your profile page doesn’t matter that much

It’s easy to fall into the trap of updating your LinkedIn profile with all courses and knowledgeable expertise. The thing is: LinkedIn is not such a resume platform.
Most users are not clicking on your profile, they are staying in the app’s news feed to use the content. Your LinkedIn headline tells people what you do for a living, meaning they don’t have to click on your profile. It also supports the data I have collected on this event.
People are no longer clicking on your profile so leave a fuss about changing the job title, tinkering with your summary and trying to get validation. This. Just doesn’t matter.

Talk about good times and difficult times

Most people LinkedIn are nothing but rails highlighting these accounts, which shows that what they touch turns to gold. Life is not so straightforward.
People who love LinkedIn are real people like you and me. Talk about growth or business start-up, but when you lose your job or your blockchain startup goes bankrupt and doesn’t save the world, don’t forget to talk about that difficult time.
Making it easier for people to share with someone who shares their real experiences – not just the big wins and awards that can be bought for cash.

Make a habit

If you show up once a month as you did in your career, nothing is going to happen. LinkedIn is a daily commute, though you can have a weekend.

Having said that, you don’t need to waste your entire life and will never see your family again to use LinkedIn effectively. I have talked to many people about eliminating it. Start by posting something that takes you two minutes each day. I told a guy the other day that you could easily go to a website like Brian Coates and share a day’s worth.

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